We offer FREE ultrasounds to clients who are 6-18 weeks pregnant and are currently not under the care of a physician. The purpose of these ultrasounds is to confirm the accuracy of your pregnancy test, confirm a viable pregnancy, rule out ectopic pregnancy, and help determine gestational age.

We do not perform or refer for abortions.
Confirm Your Pregnancy

If your pregnancy test results are positive, our on staff nurse may make a follow up appointment for an ultrasound. 


Ultrasounds can tell you a lot about your pregnancy. Your ultrasound at Heart to Heart will give you an accurate estimate of gestational age, detect a fetal heart beat, and confirm that your pregnancy is viable. 

Receiving a positive pregnancy test can be distressing, you may be asking yourself, what's next? Our staff is here to help you with your next steps and provide you with honest information about your options.  


Schedule your Free and Confidential appointment by contacting us today. 


Receiving a positive pregnancy test can be distressing, but its important to talk to someone first to make an informed decision. Schedule your free and confidential ultrasound appointment at Heart to Heart by contacting us today.